Compact Immersion circulator ICC control
Compact Immersion circulator ICC control
Compact Immersion circulator ICC control

Compact immersion thermostat for tempering of liquids in open or covered vessels. The adjustable pressure and suction pump allows the ICC control to be used for internal or external applications. Up to 10 individual programs with up to 10 steps can be stored in the device. A holding clamp for attaching the circulator to a bath is included. An optional cooling coil can be connected to the unit for temperature control below or near the ambient temperature. The ICC control can be easily transported with the carrying handle and safely stored with the integrated stand.

Complete packages with all necessary components (bath vessels, covers, bath bridges, pump connection sets and cooling coils) are also available.
  • Visual and acoustic warning functions for excess temperature, sub-level and over-level
  • TFT touch display for displaying and controlling all relevant parameters
  • Adjustable safety circuit
  • Connection for external Pt100 temperature probe
  • USB/RS 232 interface
Heat output:
Power input:
2000 W
2100 W
Working temperature:Amb. + 10 °C ... 150 °C
Operating temperature min. (with external cooling):-20 °C
Temperature stability:±0.01 °C
Set temperature resolution:
Dimensions (W x D x H):
0.1 °C
145 x 200 x 340 mm
Bath depth min.:
Pump flow rate:
150 mm
18 l/min
Class / Identification acc. to DIN 12876:
IP code:
IP 21
Power supply:115 ... 230 V / 50 ... 60 Hz
TypePKCat. No. Ref. FabricantePrecio/Unidad
de embalaje/EUR
ICC control immersion thermostat16.264 530 00041366002,700.17