Laminar flow cabinets, Heraguard™ ECO
Laminar flow cabinets, Heraguard™ ECO
Laminar flow cabinets, Heraguard™ ECO

Heraguard™ ECO clean benches are ideal for laboratory applications where sample protection is required. Due to DC motors, Heraguard ECO clean benches use less energy to operate so there is less heat emitted into the lab.

Heraguard™ ECO clean benches provide:
  • Sample protection
  • Clean air conditions that can be validated
  • Side windows made of tempered safety glass
  • Ease of use: Variety of sizes Clean benches are available with interior widths of 900, 1200, 1500 and 1800 mm, and are offered in two different working heights: Standard work space height 650 mm. Extra work space height 950 mm.
  • All-round vision: The side windows increase the available light inside the work area and support a comfortable work environment.
  • UV disinfection (optional): A UV disinfection light can be tted into the top of the work space to disinfect the worktop.
  • Transparent hinged wind screen (optional): Protects the user against the dry purified air flow. The wind screen is folded under the light housing and can be ipped down for use.
  • SmartPort™ convenience: Clean and safe routing for vacuum tubing and cables through the side of the clean bench improves organization and work eficiency.
  • Modular side windows: The side windows are made of single pane safety glass with an access port for tubing or a media tap. Optionally, a lacquered sheet steel plate with three holes can be used.
  • Prefilter: The prefilter on the intake side can be changed by hand, without the need for tools. Prefilter exchange is made economical and easy.
  • Intuitive control panel: Displays safety and performance data.
  • Easy HEPA filter exchange: The HEPA filter is easily removed from the front. A simple process that does not involve any disassembly or removal of equipment from the wall. This saves time during service visits.
  • Choice of work tops: Standard white melamine work tops or optional stainless steel tops are available for different applications and individual work space designs.
  • Max. load capacity of work surface: 30 kg

Without stands. Please order separately.
(W x D x H)
(W x D x H)
PKCat. No. Ref. FabricantePrecio/Unidad
de embalaje/EUR
ECO 0.91000 x 810 x 1170920 x 585 x 64519.536 498 510297017,421.14
ECO 1.21300 x 810 x 11701220 x 585 x 64519.536 497 510297027,549.90
ECO 1.51600 x 810 x 11701520 x 585 x 64519.536 496 510297038,821.02
ECO 1.81900 x 810 x 11701820 x 585 x 64519.536 495 510297049,204.95
ECO 1.8/951900 x 1010 x 14752810 x 785 x 95019.536 499 5102970513,132.89
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