Disposable sampling spatula, Bio, Green PE

White. The sampling spatula can be used to apply, distribute or evenly spread viscous media such as pastes and creams. The spatula is suitable for scraping out bowls, removing residue or wiping off volumetric and dosing spoons. The dimensionally stable long edge is ideal for cutting viscous media. Green PE bio-plastic has all the suitable properties of conventional polyethylene but is manufactured from renewable raw materials and can be completely recycled.

  • Flexible and break-proof
  • Optionally packaged individually and sterilised
  • Cleanroom manufactured (cleanroom class 7)
  • Food safe
Width spatula
Overall length
SterileType of
PKCat. No. Ref. FabricantePrecio/Unidad
de embalaje/EUR
20192NoBulk pack(s)1004.680 864 5379-003535.53
20192YesSingle packed1004.680 863 5379-103588.30