Automatic Titrators Orion Star™ T910

For the titration of ion concentrations, e.g. salt in food, chloride in drinking water and waste water, ammonia and total nitrogen in waste water as well as surfactants and total hardness.

Scope of supply:
START9300: Titrator incl. 20 ml burette, stirrer probe, dispenser probe, standard tubing kit, 1 l plastic bottle, GL38 bottle cap with drying tube, computer cable, manual on USB drive, 110-240 V power supply
START9301: As START9200, additionally with 9780SC silver billet electrode and 91CBC electrode cable
Titration precision:±0.5 % RSD
Speed of stirrer probe:250 ... 3700 rpm, 5 selectable speeds
mV range:
Rel. accuracy:
-2000,0 ... +2000,0 mV
0,1 mV
±0,2 mV
Temperature range:
Rel. accuracy:
-5,0 ... 100.0 °C
0.1 °C
±0.2 °C
Display:5.7'' Touchscreen, 640 x 480 resolution
Burette sizes:10 ml, 20 ml, 50 ml
Burette resolution:25600 micro-steps per motor revolution
2 million micro-steps over full stroke range
Dosing accuracyAcc. to ISO 8655-3
Dimensions (W x D x H):406 x 254 x 356 mm
Weight:5.67 kg
Power supply:100 ... 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Certification:TÜV 3-in-1, FCC, EN/EIC 61326-1, IEC 61010, IP-51
TypePKCat. No. Ref. FabricantePrecio/Unidad
de embalaje/EUR
START930014.672 087 START93004,315.57
START930114.672 088 START93014,472.07
Accesorios para Titradores Automticos Orion Star" / Thermo Elect.LED GmbH (Orion)
Titradores Automáticos Orion Star" T910 / Thermo Elect.LED GmbH (Orion)
 Automatic Titrators Orion Star" T910 / Thermo Elect.LED GmbH (Orion)
 Automatic Titrators Orion Star" T910 / Thermo Elect.LED GmbH (Orion)