Respirator Tiki Starter Pack Medium

The Tiki Respirator works by ensuring positive pressure within the mask.
Positive pressure is generated by a battery-operated blower that sucks air into the mask through a purifying filter. Using a built-in pressure-sensitive sensor, the mask retains positive pressure completely in line with your breathing, which offers superior comfort compared to a traditional respirator. This kind of individual adaptation has the additional advantage of improving the service life of both the battery and the filter. The mask also has a built-in warning system which lets you know if the battery power is too low, if the mask pressure is incorrect or if the filter is clogged or in need of a change.
Starter Pack includes: Blower with internal battery and charging device, filter, mask and harness.
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Tiki Starter Pack Medium16.311 974 200356712.45
Accessories for Respirator Tiki / BartelsRieger