Spectrocolorimeter Lovibond® LC 100 / SV 100
Spectrocolorimeter Lovibond® LC 100 / SV 100
Spectrocolorimeter Lovibond® LC 100 / SV 100

  • Hand-Held Imaging Spectrocolorimeter
  • Unique housing stand to protect sample from ambient light
  • Enables measurement of food, powders, cosmetics and pastes
  • Versatile Communication of Colour Measurement
  • Single, Simple, Reliable, Integrated Tool, no need to connect to PC
  • Readings and Comparison Charts within Seconds
  • Information on Colour and Surface Texture Effects
  • Conformance Reports in PDF and Excel Formats
  • Precise Image Sampling with 9 Band Accuracy

The Lovibond® LC 100 and SV 100 integrated package provides a unique solution to users looking to measure food, powders, cosmetics and pastes. The SV 100 holder supports the LC 100 at an ergonomic viewing angle to enable the measurements in Lovibond® optical cells. A secure cap is provided to cover the sample, protecting it from any excessive ambient light, enabling quick yet accurate readings. The units are provided in a purpose-designed case containing all the accessories required for accurate colour measurement expected of the Lovibond® brand.
Kit is supplied with the LC 100 Spectrocolorimeter, the SV 100 stand and 10 ready-to-use Lovibond® 10mm cells.
Measuring Geometrics:45/0 Image Capture
Light Source:Independent tri-directional 25 LED
(8* visible wavelengths; 1* UV)
Standards / Sample Storage:30 / 350
Measurement Time:1.8 seconds
Measuring Area:4 mm und 8 mm
Short Term RepeatabilityTypical 0.10 ΔE 94 on white (D65/10)
Interface:USB (Mass Storage Device)
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