6.265 062
6.265 062
Disposable spatulas LaboPlast® Bio / SteriPlast® Bio, Green PE

White. Due to their long, ergonomic and solid handles and pointed blades they can be easily pierced into paper and plastic bags. The spatulas are ideal for sampling of powder, granules and pastes. The LaboPlast® Bio / SteriPlast® Bio products are entirely made of renewable resources. Not only with regard to quality but also with regard to its characteristics for high-quality sampling, it is perfectly comparable with conventional polyethylene.
  • Individually packed in organic PE foil
  • SteriPlast® Bio additionally gamma-sterilized
  • Production, assembling and packaging acc. to Cleanroom class 7 (10000)
  • According to EU food and FDA guidelines
MaterialPKCat. No. Ref. FabricantePrecio/Unidad
de embalaje/EUR
LaboPlast® Bio-263150Green PE106.265 062 5379-000916.94
SteriPlast® Bio+263150Green PE106.265 061 5379-100918.37
Espátulas desechables LaboPlast /SteriPlast, PS/PE verde / Bürkle