7.970 699
7.970 699
Multiparameter Indicator 3M™ Comply™

Class 4 indicators with endpoint reaction. With chemical coating, change their colour when the sterilization cycle is successfully completed. Indicator strips for steam sterilization or ethylene oxide sterilization.
  • Steam sterilization colour change from yellow to black
  • EO sterilization colour change from red to green
  • Economical due to the possibility of cutting in half
  • Complies with EN ISO 11140-1:2014
DescriptionPKCat. No. Ref. FabricantePrecio/Unidad
de embalaje/EUR
Comply™ 1250 chemical indicator strips2407.970 699 700000262950.66
Comply™ 1251 EO Chemical Indicator Strip2406.274 555 700000263667.55