Filter paper, qualitative, folded filters
Filter paper, qualitative, folded filters
Filter paper, qualitative, folded filters

Highly pure filter paper (approx. 0.08% ash) recommended for precise identification of materials and for sample preparation prior to sensitive detection methods. These filter papers are perfectly qualified for food control according to LFBG paragraph 64 para. 1 and 2, beverage analysis and environmental monitoring.
g / m²
Filtration time
acc. to Herzberg
PKCat. No. Ref. FabricantePrecio/Unidad
de embalaje/EUR
FP 602h8490750*0.161004.006 291 DF60209024.19
FP 602h84110750*0.161004.006 292 DF60211028.07
FP 602h84125750*0.161004.006 293 DF60212532.72
FP 602h84150750*0.161004.006 294 DF60215035.57
FP 602h84185750*0.161004.006 295 DF60218540.78
FP 602h84240750*0.161004.006 297 DF60224065.06
FP 602h84270750*0.161004.006 298 DF602270solicitar precio
FP 602h84320750*0.161004.006 299 DF602320100.54
FP 602eh84901500*0.151004.006 301 DF602EH090solicitar precio
FP 602eh841851500*0.151004.006 305 DF602EH18547.13
FP 602eh843201500*0.151004.006 309 DF602EH320146.45
FP 6047990500.191004.006 311 DF60409027.80
FP 60479110500.191004.006 312 DF60411030.17
FP 60479125500.191004.006 313 DF60412535.28
FP 60479150500.191004.006 314 DF60415039.18
FP 60479185500.191004.006 315 DF60418544.58
FP 60479240500.191004.006 317 DF60424073.12
FP 60479320500.191004.006 318 DF604320109.17
*Measured with 100 mm water column instead of 50 mm
Papeles de filtro, cualitativo, filtro plegado / Hahnemühle