Filter paper, qualitative, round filters
Filter paper, qualitative, round filters
Filter paper, qualitative, round filters

Highly pure filter paper (approx. 0.08% ash) recommended for precise identification of materials and for sample preparation prior to sensitive detection methods. These filter papers are perfectly qualified for food control according to LFBG paragraph 64 para. 1 and 2, beverage analysis and environmental monitoring.
g / m²
Filtration time
acc. to Herzberg
PKCat. No. Ref. FabricantePrecio/Unidad
de embalaje/EUR
FP 602h8470750*0.1601004.006 559 DP6020707.77
FP 602h8490750*0.1601004.006 560 DP6020909.96
FP 602h84110750*0.1601004.006 561 DP60211011.95
FP 602h84125750*0.1601004.006 562 DP60212514.70
FP 602h84150750*0.1601004.006 563 DP60215018.59
FP 602h84185750*0.1601004.006 564 DP602185solicitar precio
FP 602h84240750*0.1601004.006 566 DP60224046.48
FP 602eh841251500*0.1501004.006 574 DP602EH12515.74
FP 602eh842401500*0.1501004.006 578 DP602EH24050.09
FP 6047955500.1901004.006 582 DP6040558.15
FP 6047990500.1901004.006 584 DP60409010.43
FP 60479110500.1901004.006 585 DP60411013.84
FP 60479125500.1901004.006 586 DP60412516.98
FP 60479150500.1901004.006 587 DP60415023.06
FP 60479185500.1901004.006 588 DP60418532.81
*Measured with 100 mm water column instead of 50 mm