Paint markers edding 750
Paint markers edding 750
Paint markers edding 750

Paint marker with replaceable tip and permanent, waterproof, low-odour, lacquer-like opaque ink without the addition of toluene/xylene. For highly opaque labeling on almost all materials, e.g. wood, metal, glass, plastic, also for transparent and dark surfaces. High-quality aluminium shaft. Line width 2-4 mm
ColourPKCat. No. Ref. FabricantePrecio/Unidad
de embalaje/EUR
Cantidad mínima de venta
Gold16.200 724 4-750053solicitar precio10
Silver16.200 725 4-750054solicitar precio10
White19.050 450 4-750049solicitar precio10
Black19.050 541 4-750001solicitar precio10
Red19.050 542 4-750002solicitar precio10
Blue19.050 543 4-750003solicitar precio10
Green19.050 544 4-750004solicitar precio10
Yellow19.050 545 4-750005solicitar precio10
Orange19.050 546 4-750006solicitar precio10
Brown19.050 547 4-750-9-007solicitar precio10
Violet19.050 548 4-750-9-008solicitar precio10
Pink19.050 549 4-750-9-009solicitar precio10