Fibre filters without binder
Fibre filters without binder
Fibre filters without binder

  • Made of 100 % borosilicate glass fibres with binders
  • Extremely low content in alkali-earth metals
  • Chemical stability: It keeps all its properties in contact with acid solutions (except hydrofluoric acid) and basic solutions at moderate concentrations
  • Usable as a pre-filter for membranes to prevent the membranes from silting up
  • Deposition of (radioactive) aerosols and monitoring of nuclear power plants
  • Gravimetrical analysis of organic and inorganic impurities in water and waste water according to DIN 38409 and EN 872 (suspended particles)
  • Measurement of immission, measurement of dust in air and gases, monitoring of the efficiency of filtration and dedusting, monitoring the combustion air of power plants and of the steel and iron industry
  • Measurement of dust release in workplace and production processes and the purification of compartment air
  • Stability at high temperatures: It keeps its properties up to 500 °C
  • High flow speed and high permeability to air
g / m²
PKCat. No. Ref. FabricantePrecio/Unidad
de embalaje/EUR
FP GF50Ø 2556190.291004.006 614 GF5002524.37
FP GF50Ø 3756190.291004.006 615 GF5003731.21
FP GF50Ø 4756190.291004.006 617 GF5004734.33
FP GF50Ø 5056190.291004.006 618 GF5005036.22
FP GF50Ø 7056190.291004.006 620 GF5007045.34
FP GF50Ø 9056190.291004.006 622 GF5009064.88
FP GF50Ø 12556190.291004.006 625 GF5012591.91
FP GF50203 x 25456190.291004.006 627 GF50203254300.01
FP GF51Ø 471404411004.006 630 GF5104749.32
FP GF52Ø 4754250.281004.006 640 GF5204746.95
FP GF52Ø 5054250.281004.006 641 GF5205058.71
FP GF52Ø 7054250.281004.006 643 GF5207070.48
FP GF52Ø 9054250.281004.006 644 GF5209098.55
FP GF52Ø 11054250.281004.006 645 GF52110131.75
FP GF55Ø 4775670.401004.006 661 GF55047107.09
FP GF5560 x 9075670.401006.292 106 GF556090202.03
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