Orion™ DuraProbe™ conductivity cells with 4 electrodes

Robust and precise 4 electrode graphite cells with temperatue compensation. Errors based on Fringe field interference are avoided. Epoxy body.

For use with conductivity meters Orion Star and Orion Star Plus

013010MD und 013605MD
For use with conductivity meters Star A112, Star A122, Star A212, Star A215, Star A222, Star A322, Star A325, Star A329, Versa Star and Versa Star Pro
Specifications013005MD, 013010MD // 013605MD
Conductivity range:1 µS/cm…200 mS/cm // 10 µS/cm…200 mS/cm
Temperature range:-5…100 °C
Diameter:15 mm
Connection type:8-pin Mini DIN
PKCat. No. Ref. FabricantePrecio/Unidad
de embalaje/EUR
013005MD0.4751.516.242 825 013005MD480.17
013010MD0.4753.016.268 292 013010MD492.02
013605MD0.551.516.290 155 013605MD449.33