Orion™ calibration standards and TISAB solutions for ISE fluoride electrodes

Calibration standards ensure measurement accuracy. TISAB (Total Ionic Strength Adjustment Buffer) solutions are used to adjust the ionic strength for fluoride measurements.
PKCat. No. Ref. Fabricante Precio/Unidad
de embalaje/EUR
TISAB, 1 ppm fluoride475 ml17.981 272 O4090683.22
TISAB II, 10 ppm fluoride3780 ml16.085 746 940909141.07
TISAB III, 10 ppm fluoride475 ml17.659 087 940911151.75
Calibration standard, 2 ppm fluoride475 ml16.262 658 O4090783.22
Calibration standard, 10 ppm fluoride475 ml16.262 961 O4090883.22
Calibration standard, 100 ppm fluoride475 ml17.659 480 94090772.34
Calibration standard, 0.1 M fluoride475 ml17.659 623 94090686.07