Glass microfibre filters, grade 934-AH RTU, pre-treated WWW-Interface
Glass microfibre filters, grade 934-AH RTU, pre-treated
Glass microfibre filters, grade 934-AH RTU, pre-treated

Pre-washed, dried or ignited, cooled and weighed Glass Microfibre filters, which eliminate the pre-treating steps that are otherwise required by the US EPA Laboratory Standard Method 2540 parts C, D, and E. These glass microfiber filter papers also have fine particle retention of 1.5 µm at high flow rates to process heavy, turbid samples.
Each ready-to-use filter is placed in an individually barcoded aluminum pan that notes the filter weight. The barcode can be used to access a GE certification of the filter weight from our website. Each box contains an additional box ID and barcode that can be used to download the weights of all 100 pans in that box.

Solids: For suspended and dissolved solids. Pre-washed, dried, cooled, and weighed filters with certified mass loss between washing and drying steps of the lesser of less than 0.5 mg or 4% in accordance with US EPA Lab Standard Method 2540 parts C and D.
Solids, double weigh: As Solids additionally the drying, cooling and weighing steps are repeated twice for highest regulatory concerns.
Volatiles: For volatile substances. Pre-weighed. Aligned to US EPA Laboratory Standard Method 2540 parts C, D, and E
Volatiles, ignited: As Volatiles but pre-washed and pre-fired at 550 °C instead of pre-weighed.

Applications: To be used for solid analysis as well as a wastewater filter for a wide range of water monitorings.
g / m²
PKCat. No. Ref. FabricantePrecio/Unidad
de embalaje/EUR
Solids700.43564471.51004.661 300 9907-070172.31
Solids, double weigh470.43564471.51004.661 301 9927-047175.91
Solids, double weigh700.43564471.51004.661 302 9927-070213.68
Solids, double weigh900.43564471.51004.661 303 9927-090230.79
Volatiles350.43564471.51004.661 290 3827-035102.38
Volatiles420.43564471.51004.661 291 3827-042102.38
Volatiles470.43564471.51004.661 292 3827-047107.60
Volatiles700.43564471.51004.661 293 3827-070147.53
Volatiles900.43564471.51004.661 294 3827-090171.78
Volatiles, ignited350.43564471.51004.661 295 4827-03583.29
Volatiles, ignited420.43564471.51004.661 296 4827-04286.77
Volatiles, ignited470.43564471.51004.661 297 4827-047121.47
Volatiles, ignited700.43564471.51004.661 298 4827-070138.82
Volatiles, ignited900.43564471.51004.661 299 4827-090152.71