Cleaning and sorage solutions for pH electrodes

These solutions prolong life and restore performance of pH electrodes or are used for storage and cleaning.

Cleaning solutions
  • Cleaning solution A for removing protein contaminants
  • Cleaning solution C for general cleaning
  • Cleaning solution D for removing oil and grease contaminants

Solutions are delivered with a small beaker and a plastic pipet.

Storage solutions
  • Ensure the proper function of pH electrodes even after prolonged storage
PKCat. No. Ref. FabricantePrecio/Unidad
de embalaje/EUR
Storage solution for ROSS pH electrodes1 bottle of 475 ml17.608 345 81000177.54
Storage solution1 bottle of 475 ml16.305 952 91000157.86
Storage solution10 pouches of 15 ml14.661 203 911110-CMF35.80
Storage solution5 bottles of 60 ml17.971 734 91006059.52
Cleaning solution A4 bottles of 30 ml16.285 652 900021-WA61.66
Cleaning solution C4 bottles of 30 ml16.280 134 90002362.72
Cleaning solution D4 bottles of 60 ml17.661 547 90002462.72