Filter paper, quantitative, wet-strength, round filters WWW-Interface
Filter paper, quantitative, wet-strength, round filters
Filter paper, quantitative, wet-strength, round filters

Hardened ashless filters (approx. 0.002%), especially recommended for vacuum and pressure filtration, and for the use of acidic and alkaline solutions.
  • Acid-washed and rinsed with water
  • Free of minerals and metallic ions, ideal for the detection of metallic ions
  • High wet strength, easy to scrape off or wash off precipitates
  • High resistance to aggressive chemical components, like sulphuric and nitric acids (up to 40 % at 50 °C) and alkalis (up to 10 % at 20 °C)
g / m²
Filtration time
acc. to Herzberg
PKCat. No. Ref. FabricantePrecio/Unidad
de embalaje/EUR
Cantidad mínima de venta
FP 150511088500.171004.006 330 DP1505110233.768
FP 150512588500.171004.006 331 DP150512533.291
FP 150515088500.171004.006 332 DP150515041.171
FP 1506125901700.161004.006 338 DP150612533.291
FP 1506150901700.161004.006 339 DP150615041.171
FP 1506240901700.161004.006 341 DP1506240122.931
FP 150712590600*0.141004.006 345 DP150712533.291
FP 150715090600*0.141004.006 346 DP150715041.171
FP 150718590600*0.141004.006 347 DP150718573.691
*Measured with 150 mm water column instead of 50 mm