pH meter Orion Star A111
pH meter Orion Star A111
pH meter Orion Star A111

Thermo Scientific Orion Star A111 pH Benchtop Meters combine simplicity with accuracy. A large LCD displays pH or mV readings along with temperature. Icons provide quick updates on battery life, electrode status and calibration information. Simple button layout and onscreen messages help with calibration and setup menu choices.
  • Large, informative screen clearly shows the main information, including pH or mV reading, temperature, meter mode, calibration information and power source
  • Don't miss a reading Auto-Read measurement mode locks in the stable reading on your screen and ready indicator alerts when readings are stable
  • Up to three point pH calibration
  • Automatic recognition of USA/NIST and DIN buffers
  • Easily recall calibration slope data for procedure checks
  • Non-volatile memory holds up to 50 data points
  • Included electrode arm and newly-designed probe holder make it easier to maintain and place probes into samples
  • Plug the meter into almost any power outlet with the included universal power adapter, or use four AA batteries (sold separately) to run the meter on DC power
  • The IP54-rated housing can handle splashes and can be wall-mounted if table space is a problem
  • 3 year meter replacement warranty
  • TÜV, FCC certified

Supplied with: Orion-Star A111 pH Benchtop Meter Kit + electrode stand,9157BNMD ROSS Epoxy refillable pH/ATC Triode, 916099 ROSS pH Buffer Kit
Measuring range pH:-2.000 ... 16.000
Relative accuracy:
Calibration points:
Calibration editing:
0.1; 0.01; 0.001
± 0.002
Up to 3
Measuring range mV/Rel MV/ORP:± 2000.0 mV
Relative accuracy:
± 0.2 mV or ± 0.05 % of the measured value, larger value applies
EHORP Mode:Yes
Measuring range Temperature:-5 °C ... 105 °C
Relative accuracy:
Offset calibration:
± 0.1
1 point
Number of Datalogs:2000 points with date and time
Datalog funcions:Manual, ready (incl. AUTO-READ"), timed
pH Electrode:
ATC Probe:
BNC, reference pin
8-pin mini-DIN
S232; USB
Power supply:AC adapter (included) 100 ... 240 VAC
Battery life:
4 x AA batteries (optional)
Approx. 800 hours
TypePKCat. No. Ref. FabricantePrecio/Unidad
de embalaje/EUR
Orion-Star A11116.257 402 STARA1115680.53