6.232 305

6.232 305
Multi-function measuring instrument testo 435

The allrounder for ventilation and indoor air quality
  • Large selection of probes (optional):
  • IAQ probe for evaluating Indoor Air Quality
  • Thermal probes with integrated temperature and air humidity measurement
  • Vane and hot wire probes
  • Integrated differential pressure probe for Pitot tube measurement (see versions)
  • Wireless probe for temperature and humidity (see versions)
  • Easy operation with user profiles
  • PC software for the analysis, archiving and documentation of measurement data (see versions)

All HVAC measurement parameters
The multi-function measuring instrument testo 435 is your reliable partner for analyzing Indoor Air Quality. Indoor Air Quality has a crucial influence on the well-being of humans at their workplaces, and is also a determining and important factor in storage and production processes. In addition to this, the Indoor Air Quality signals whether the HVAC system is working at optimum energy level, or needs to be adjusted using the testo 435. The parameters CO2, relative humidity and room temperature are available for the evaluation of Indoor Air Quality. In addition to this, absolute pressure, draught, Lux, U-value and surface temperature can be measured. For the determination of volume flow, you can use all possibilities for the measurement of flow velocity - such as thermal probes, vanes and Pitot tubes.

Improved convenience of operation thanks to user profiles
The operation of testo 435 is easy and efficient: User profiles are stored for the typical applications duct measurement and IAQ measurement. This makes complicated programming of the measuring instrument unnecessary.
Secure measurement data monitoring
The measurement data reports provide the customer with the data from the duct, long-term and degree of turbulence measurement. The company logo can be integrated into the form.
Flexibility thanks to wireless probes
In addition to classical probes on wires, a wireless measurement up to a distance of 20 m (without obstruction) is possible. Damage to the wire or hindrances in usage are thus eliminated. A maximum of three wireless probes can be recorded and displayed with testo 435. The wireless probes are for the measurement parameters temperature and, depending on the instrument type, humidity. The optional, easily plugged-in radio module can be retrofitted at any time.

Supplied with: PC software, USB data cable, incl. calibration protocol and batteries

  • Telescopic vane probe, 16 mm dia. head, max. length 720 mm, e.g. for taking measurements within a duct
  • Economical telescopic hot-wire probe for m/sec. and °C, 12 mm dia., max. length 675 mm
Operating temperature:
Storage temperature:
-20 to +50°C
-30 to +70°C
Housing material:ABS/TPE/Metal
Battery life:200h (typical vane measurement)
Battery:type Alkali manganese, mignon, Type AA
Dimensions:220 x 74 x 46mm
Protection class:IP54
Warranty:2 years
DescriptionPKCat. No. Ref. FabricantePrecio/Unidad
de embalaje/EUR
Multifunction tester testo 435-216.232 305 05634352700.96
Multifunction tester testo 435-2, incl. ISO calibration certificate CO216.262 231 05634352+6321535solicitar precio
Vane measuring head, Ø 16 mm19.726 756 06359535534.98
Hot-wire probe, Ø 7.5 mm19.726 758 06351025325.58
Hot-wire probe, Ø 12 mm16.230 454 06351535611.58