Photometer NANOCOLOR® 500 D
Photometer NANOCOLOR® 500 D
Photometer NANOCOLOR® 500 D

The photometer NANOCOLOR® 500 D contains all measurement options important in the laboratory and is therefore versatile. The combination of extremely short measurement times and accurate results render this photometer the ideal instrument for the universal use in water and wastewater analysis. It combines established and reliable technology with a robust design.
The NANOCOLOR® 500 D comes in a rugged case, which provides space for the complete scope of delivery. Together with the inbuilt rechargeable battery, the NANOCOLOR® 500 D is perfectly suited for the analysis in the laboratory or on the road.
  • Fully automatic, instant cuvette detection with the built-in laser scanner
  • Selection of test method and suitable wavelength, actual measurement and storage of results are carried out automatically
  • Measurement result displayed directly in the required unit
  • More than 100 preprogrammed tests with over 200 analysis programs
  • Professional photometric basic functions, such as absorbance, extinction, transmission, factor, standard and kinetics
  • Tests and menu items can be activated quickly and easily in 12 languages
  • Round cuvettes (16 mm OD) and rectangular cells (10,20,50 mm) can be used without adapters
  • Fast photometer update - free of charge
Detector:Silicon photodiode
Display:Backlit graphic display,128 x 64 pixel
Photometric accuracy:± 1 %
Wavelength range:340 ... 860 nm
Wavelength accuracy:± 2 nm, bandwidth at half transmission 10 nm 1312 nm
Lamps:Tungsten lamp
Data memory:500 results GLP-compliant
Interfaces:USB and bidirectional serial RS232
Power supply:100 V - 240 V~, 50/60 Hz / 6 V, 3.2 Ah via built-in battery with charge regulator and mains power supply
Dimension (W x D x H):227 × 282 × 105 mm
Weight:2.4 kg
TypePKCat. No. Ref. FabricantePrecio/Unidad
de embalaje/EUR
NANOCOLOR® 500 D14.005 231 9195004,090.96
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